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Day 1) My drive to St. Simon's Ga. I am so tired I don't even want to write.  I left North Atlanta around 10 and arrived at 3:30ish. It POURED RAIN and Route 16 was HORRIBLE... no traffic, but the rain was so hard I could barely see a car length in front of me. The weather here is great. Temps at home are around 40's, but it is very BALMY here. Lolly is afraid of the ocean. Each time the waves would crash on the warf she would JUMP with a start and look at me to make sure everything was cool. A HUGE FREIGHTER was going through the bay while we were at the fishing Pier on St. Simons. It was surreal how big that ship was. Took some pics. Will post a YouTube video of my vacation pictures once I get a few more!  Wrapped presents and drank lots of wine at my Aunt's house. Ate Turkey, stuffing (cooked in the bird) Homemade cranberry sauce, and sweet potato for din. VERY delicious. We had a great time bonding and both were very happy to know we both smoke.. LMAO... Maybe that is strange, but coming from the cult... smoking is illegal and a big secret. She was trying to hold off having a smoke for my benefit.. Once she found out I am a dirty no good smoker my aunt gave me a big hug.  Funny how small things help to bind a friendship.

Day2) MERRY CHRISTMAS!! My day started walking Lolly to the Pier. Only a few other dog walkers were out. We all happily wished each other a Merry Christmas over the din of barking dogs! :) We had the village to ourselves at 7:00 Am, and it was a balmy morning. A couple of photogs were on the pier and they told me that dolphins were jumping. Lolly and I stayed for a while watching. I couldn't get a picture with my camera phone, but what a treat to see dolphins that morning! :-) After our walk we headed over to my cousins house. The door was open as I climbed up the steps. MERRY CHRISTMAS I called out. We were greeted by a MERRY CHRISTMAS from the kitchen and everyone started milling out into the entry to give me hugs and kisses. The house smelled so good. BREAKFAST! Classic fare, eggs, bacon, sausage, English muffins and croissants. I was immediately asked if I wanted an eggnog with whiskey or a mimosa... YES PLEASE!!! Eggnog with Whiskey at 8:30 am.. NICE!!!  The girls excited surrounded me! Lolly explored the house and got to run around in the back yard. The girls loved her. She was terrified of a guinea pig. LMAO... silly dog. I missed the prank joke - the GP's are not allowed on the couch. One of the girls brought in out onto the couch and after she was scolded scooped up the GP from off the couch, but left behind a pile of fake poop. The adults freaked- wished I had seen it.  The girls loved my stocking stuffer gifts, everything pink and sparkly.  My cousin and I haven't seen each other in a long time so we got to hang out and we watched PONYO together. YUP the two adult cousins  in our PJ's watching a cartoon movie for kids. It was great. It was a great Christmas morning. It was simply and comfortable, everybody enjoyed it. My cousin and her daughters loved Lolly which was nice since my mother has banished Lolly from her home for digging a hole in the backyard once.. 3 years ago. After the movie we walked the beach for a while.  Bright sunny day, low tide, people walking their dogs, more "MERRY CHRISTMAS" to all. After the beach my aunt and I made our family Lasagna recipe for dinner. MERRY CHRISTMAS! It was really a great day and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Easy, simple, sincere! (Again beach photos will be forthcoming)

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